This filter delay module is a combination of a bandpass filter and a delay effect. The module is comprised of 3 signal paths, left, centre and right for stereo control. Each signal path has its own bandpass filter and delay line, with both having the ability to be enabled or disabled. This allows for vast variations and effects on the audio signal.

The module's UI has a number of controls on the initial view. The delay line on/off control, the bandpass filter control to set the frequency on the x-axis and the bandwidth on the y-axis. The filter view can also be double tapped to toggle its on and off state. There is the control to change between Center, Left and Right signal paths. The controls below the filter allow the delay time to be adjusted, as well as the feedback, pan and amplitude. The mix controls is for the global mix value of the module, determining how much of the processed signal is mixed back into the original incoming signal. The higher the mix value the more the processed audio takes over, leaving the mix value low allows the original signal to pass through to some extent.

There are additional controls available which are equivalent to the filter view, with the filter on/off control, frequency and bandwidth.

This module is capable of adding very interesting artefacts to your sound when used with different settings on the different stereo signal paths.