The synth now includes four XY based macro touch controls that can be linked to any control, using the drag and drop gesture seen with modulation linking. These touch controls can be interacted with simultaneously.

Each macro touch control has a X and a Y, that once dropped on a target control, will add a marker e.g. X1, Y1, X2, Y2 etc.

This macro allows a one-to-many link where e.g X1 can be linked to any number of controls and so on for the other macro sources.

For controls linked via the X axis, moving from left to right will set its value between minimum and maximum, as for the Y axis, the movement is from top to bottom.

Dragging a new macro source e.g. X2 over an existing source, e.g. Y1, will overwrite the previous macro.

Macro links are saved between app runs and can be accessed via the arrow icon on the top right of the section.