WaveStorm v2.0.2 is a critical update that addresses a few issues.

  • Standalone mode
  • Scrollable view when running as audio unit (fix UI cutoff issue)
  • Fix hold mode issue experienced by some users
  • Improve DSP for oscillator and voice mixing (fix audio artefact issue)
  • Fix randomiser related crashes
  • Rendering and UI performance upgrade
  • Fix startup crash occurring for some users
  • New Wavetable bundle In-App-Purchase

After receiving a number of requests for a standalone mode as well as the confusion caused by moving to AUv3 only, v2.0.2 now includes a standalone mode.

WaveStorm integrates with the iOS Files app, meaning all recordings you record in standalone mode are accessible and can be moved into other apps, such as AudioShare, directly in the Files app. AudioShare integration was removed from the app. Recordings are now timestamped and the last recording can be played back within the app. The playback runs in parallel with the synth's audio stream. The synth also loads audio files via the Files app when using the oscillator's file import view.

The audio unit had UI issues that caused the synth view to be cutoff, this has been addressed by adding it to a scrollview, allowing the view to be scrolled up and down, using the top left section, as shown on first use.

Rendering optimisations have been made which improve performance as well as signal processing optimisations for better sound quality.

The synth now includes a wavetable bundle In-App-Purchase, that includes all the currently available wavetable packs.

As always, if you have any issues or feature requests, get in touch on Twitter or via system@sonicsector.co.uk