The synth comes with a powerful wavetable creator and editor tool that now offers vastly more fine grained control when working with wavetables.

Choose from hundreds of wavetables from the library and wavetable pack In-App-Purchases, as well as your own saved wavetables.

Save individual waveforms and build a waveform collection library for building new wavetables and for having endless modulation waveforms for the LFOs, which now support custom waveforms.

The wavetable can be injected directly into your current session by overriding the oscillators, allowing you to preview the wavetable you are working on. It is now possible to blend up to 3 additional wavetables into the current wavetable, offering endless possibilities and variations unobtainable without many manual steps.

The wavetable is now broken down into a grid for quick access to individual waveforms. Edits by either replacing or merging a waveform into another can now be done directly on specifically selected indexes. The wavetable can be sorted and randomised and the smoothing amount between waveform transitions can be set as needed.

The grid has a number of selection controls for selection waveform indexes before editing them.

Individual waveforms can be targeted and you can drill down onto the sample level, editing the value of each individual sample.

You can draw your own waveform using the draw functionality and this will be upsampled and available to insert into the wavetable.

For a full run through of all the features in the wavetable creator, check out the wavetable creator deep dive.